How to choose the right coffee table?

With every detail, your bedroom can finally offer the type of vibe you like and can better reflect your style and preference. If you like to feel comfortable while being at home and you are ready to invest the necessary time and attention for every detail, you will be lucky to have the possibility to experience every day a new type of inner peace and pleasure.

Imagine that you have every day 10 minutes for yourself and you can use them. While being at home, it can be something really challenging to be creative and try to see your flat with different eyes. However, choosing the right color and dimension for the coffee table has to match with the dimensions of the room and its overall style.

You can find out more about the main criteria for picking up the right coffee table for your flat and helping you have the best morning ritual you have ever wanted to have! Below as well a few links to some coffee tables you might want to consider giving a look at already!

Long coffee Table

If you like long tables, which fit well with your large sofa and big living room, then a long table will make your ritual quite special. Consider a table longer than 1 meter, 50 cm high and maybe in black so that it doesn’t disturb your overall design in the flat.

This long table is perfect for those who like to take a long time for breakfast.

With every new detail, you will love to spoil yourself more and you will discover what makes you feel comfortable while drinking a coffee.

long coffee table

The right coffee table can put you in the right mood and can add a special touch to your flat. You can take the time and read the newspaper as you are drinking your coffee in the morning or can answer some e-mails from your laptop. The table is big enough so that it matches with a long sofa and a big TV.

Check out these long coffee tables here and you might be lucky to discover that this is exactly what you need.

Long Narrow and High Coffee Table

If you happen to be more of a fan of special designs and patterns, maybe this long narrow and high table will fit with your preference. The following table matches perfectly with your white furniture and the combination of fine lines will fit very well with a 60cm high sofa or a small chair.

Mirror Gold Metal Zigon Coffee Table

Thanks to its modern style, it will create a relaxing mood and will awake all your senses. The table is made of wood, and it can serve as a book shelter or deposit space for magazines. You can find more information here.

White Narrow Coffee Table, without any space for magazines

There are many people who already decorated their flats and houses with colorful furniture and for the coffee table, they would need something rather simple and classical. We can recommend one which is 40 cm high and has a width of 70 cm.

This would fit very well in the living room or in the dining room and the hexagonal shape of the legs will make it more special for the viewers.

Have a first look at it and see if it matches your taste. The table is particularly recommended for those passionate about the loft, as it doesn’t occupy too much of your living room and is hard to ignore in a room. You would have enough space to place your coffee mug and a croissant nearby.

You can easily place it in a different part of the room anytime you want. As there is no extra space to place books or magazines, you can use the space under the table to put your legs and relax.

Even though it seems to be a small detail, choosing the right coffee table can really impact the way you start your day and how you practice a morning ritual so that you are set for the day to come.

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