How to Change Your Career Path at Any Age?

change carrer

In a Digital Era that is constantly developing and adapting, changing your career path in favor of a better-paid job or a more suitable one to your needs and personality is a normal step. Sometimes it is the boredom, sometimes it is the industry itself which doesn’t hold for too long, or sometimes it can … Read more

How to choose the Best Food for your cat?

best cat food

Everyone that has a cat knows that apart from veterinary care, the most important expense is the food. This has a direct impact on how much energy your cat has, how shiny its fur looks, and how much it sheds. The better the diet, the fewer veterinary expenses and serious medical conditions you and your … Read more

How To Write A Good CV? Tips and recommendations

how to create a good cv

Nowadays applying for a job and getting it can be a real challenge, especially if your CV lacks the right structure and you don’t focus on the essentials. Most talent acquisition specialists scan the CVs by keywords and if your experience and previous tasks don’t match with the job description, you might lose the chance … Read more

How to plant trees surfing the internet?

plant tress

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But it’s simple and true! In this article I will show you how you can do this, planting trees from the comfort of your home, just surfing the internet. How climate changes are affecting our lives? The reality is that global warming is affecting our lives! Heatwaves, floods, natural disasters, lack … Read more

How to choose the Best Food for your dog?

best food for your dog

Trying to find the best food for your dog, in terms of price-quality fit is a serious challenge and this is precisely why most dog owners feel a bit overwhelmed. The reason why you should be so careful with this is that some dogs might have problems with the digestive system if they don’t get … Read more

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